Usalon Atlanta
Usalon atlanta Usalon atlantaUsalon atlanta


womens haircut: 75.00
mens haircut: 35.00
blowdry or finish: 50.00
natural: 65.00
updo: 65.00
fringe cut: 10.00
relaxer: 135.00
virgin: 165.00

Hair Coloring

single process: 75.00
permanent color new growth: 75.00
permanent color full: 90.00
demi color partial: 75.00
demi color full: 90.00


full head: 155.00
1/2 head: 125.00
1/4 head: 95.00
ombre: 155.00

Eyelash Extensions

A new must-have accessory is the eyelash extension. Over the past few years, eyelash extensions have exploded onto the scene.
Try it for an instant eyelift without the knife.

Applied with the highest industry standards by
a certified technician who insists on using the highest grade lashings ensures superior results. It’s an instant fresh face. We do it all for you
at “U.”

full: 250.00
natural set

Manicures & Pedicures

express mani: 18.00
express pedi: 28.00
express combo: 40.00
spa manicure: 28.00
spa pedicure: 40.00
spa combo: 60.00


hair extensions: 250.00 and up


Conditioning Treatments

Our conditioning treatments penetrate the hair shaft, imparting botanical nutrients that are beneficial for strength, moisture, and suppleness. Infused with steam reaching the inner most layer of the cuticle resulting in luxurious hair you’ll be amazed with!

re-charge treatment: 35.00
re-hydration: 35.00
conditioning cocktail: 45.00

Keratin Treatment

This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair's cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz, and curl. Imparting incredible shine that looks and feels remarkable!

keratin treatment: 350.00
keratin for longer hair: 350.00 and up